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Einladung zur Podiumsdiskussion "Wie wird hier gesprochen?"

Einladung zur Podiumsdiskussion "Wie wird hier gesprochen?"

@ Kepler Salon, Rathausgasse 3, Linz

Kepler Salon Extra: How do people speak here?

Opportunities and problems of sensitive, non-discriminatory language

With an intersectional perspective, there will be input from the fields of queer linguistics, feminist language, adult education and German as a foreign and second language. The experts will reflect on the necessity, the possibilities, but also the problems of inclusive, sensitive and appreciative language and provide information on the current situation and trends in their field. The audience will then be invited to join in the discussion.

Persson Perry Baumgartinger (University of Vienna)
Vlatka Frketić (research, adult education)
Rubia Salgado (The Collective)

An event by FIFTITU% in cooperation with the Kepler Salon Linz.

Funded by the Austrian Society for Civic Education.