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Nicht-diskriminierende sensible Sprache

Nicht-diskriminierende sensible Sprache

"Language as a medium represents and transports gender binarity. The gender relationship is constructed through the perception of (gender) perception" (Luhmann 1997: 207).


Our daily language shows an absence of people who live in non-binary systems, or who identify themselves as non-binary and thus fall out of the category of the so-called "normal".
They cannot or do not want to meet the requirements of heteronormativity. Heteronormative language produces and fixes injustice. It standardizes behaviour and social expectations in relation to heterosexuality and belonging to a strict gender binary. And this necessarily implies oppression.

FIFTITU% problematizes this prevailing heteronormative language and in 2016 invited women* with multilingual language skills to a preliminary discussion to question language structures of different languages about their possibilities beyond heteronormativity.
A bundle of questions was developed, which will subsequently be reflected on and discussed with experts. Based on this, a panel discussion on the topic of "feminist and non-binary language" is planned. In addition, there is the possibility and desire to develop and implement smaller artistic projects or actions from the meetings that continue to take place regularly with women* interested in the topic.


Dates of the discussion rounds:

#1 February 15, 17 - 18:30

#2 March 29, 17 - 18:30

#3 April 18, 17 - 18:30

#4 May 31, 17 - 18:30

#5 June 21, 17 - 18:30

Each time at the Infobeisl in the Willy*Fred Haus at Graben 3 in Linz


We look forward to your visit!

Illustration: Silke Müller