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FIFTITU% Strategy 2022 - 2023

FIFTITU% has been a feminist organization committed to the visibility and promotion of women* in art and culture since 1998. The networking and advice center works continuously to implement better conditions for women* in the arts and culture sector. As the only platform of its kind in Austria, FIFTITU% offers not only cultural and women's political work, but also concrete advice and support for professionalization. In this way, FIFTITU% supports women* and queers* in the arts and culture scene to assert themselves and strengthen their position.

FIFTITU% is committed to the visibility, recognition and promotion of women* in the arts and culture and has achieved many accomplishments for the equality of women* in the arts and culture sector. The association was awarded the Outstanding Artist Award 2018 - Cultural Initiatives of the Federal Government and the Grand Culture Prize of the Province of Upper Austria for Initiative Cultural Work for its work.

FIFTITU% is an important player in the Austrian art and culture scene and is committed to fairness in art and culture. As part of the Fairness Process initiative, which was launched by State Secretary for Culture Andrea Mayer, FIFTITU% offers various support and implementation services. The association is guided by the principles of the Fairness Codex, which is based on values such as solidarity, diversity, equality and sustainability.

FIFTITU% offers various services to support and implement the Fairness Process. These include:

Counseling center

The FIFTITU% counseling center is a free and confidential contact point for women* and queers* from the art and cultural scene. The advice center offers individual advice on various issues such as employment contracts, discrimination and sexism in the arts and cultural sector, funding, rights, contracts, fees and networks. Through the advice center, women* and queers* can learn more about and use their rights and thus strengthen their position in the industry.

Mentoring programs

The mentoring programs of FIFTITU% specifically promote women* and queers* in the arts and culture scene and offer an opportunity to learn from experienced mentors*, exchange ideas and develop themselves further. Attention is paid to a gender-balanced distribution of mentees and mentors to ensure equal opportunities. The aim of the programs is to support women* and queers* in improving their artistic skills, advancing their careers and becoming more visible in the arts and cultural sector.


FIFTITU% offers a wide range of workshops for women* and queers* from the arts and cultural scene to help them advance their careers and strengthen their position in the industry. The workshop topics range from self-marketing, project management and financing to gender competence and diversity. The aim is to provide participants with practical skills to support their careers and encourage them to play an active role in shaping the arts and culture sector. Through the workshops, women* and queers* can network and share their knowledge and experiences.

Database Newsbase

The FIFTITU% database Newsbase provides a comprehensive overview of current calls for applications, grants and other opportunities in the arts and culture scene that are specifically aimed at women* and queers*. Attention is paid to a gender-equitable presentation and a fair distribution of offers. The Newsbase is a valuable resource that helps artists and cultural producers in the arts and culture sector to plan and promote their careers.


In 2023, FIFTITU% is not only celebrating its 25th anniversary, but also moving to new premises that include a spacious event room. This unique opportunity opens up new possibilities for us to gain more visibility and host a variety of events. The inexpensive premises are also located right next to the main square in Linz and therefore offer an ideal location in a lively meeting zone. This means that FIFTITU% will be located in one of the most prominent places in Linz in the future.