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Workshop ZusammenLeben mit Adriana Torres Topaga

Workshop ZusammenLeben mit Adriana Torres Topaga

Art workshop zusammenLeben with Adriana Torres Topaga

The workshop has a special starting point: Adriana is celebrating half of her life so far, which she has spent 27 years in Colombia and 27 years here in Austria. This art project focuses on living together, preserving and nurturing it. It is a process of autobiographical reflection on an individual and collective level.

"Utopian thinking as social reverie or design of a better world that begins in the body and radiates outwards appears most strongly in feminist narratives that resist closure and focus on changes in consciousness"(Cordelia Barrera, in Teaching Gloria E, Anzaldúa)

Be ready to contribute your own thoughts and ideas as you explore creative processes together. Adriana Torres Topaga will guide you with her expertise and support you in creating your own works of art.

The number of participants is limited, so please register in advance.

ADRIANA TORRES TOPAGA / artist and designer
"In my artistic practice, the personal intention for socio-ecological reflection and transformation has become increasingly important, as well as interaction in groups and collective creation. ZusammenLeben is an experiment, a space to think together, to create... around life."

  • When: June 21, 2023
  • Where: Hauptplatz 23, Linz - hp 23 "hidden space
Hauptplatz 23

Hauptplatz 23


Linz 4020