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Projekte & Artikel aus 2017

"The superficiality distances us from what is real, and generates suffering and violence through lack of respect, and lack of listening" (Nathalie Delay - artist)

In 2016, with the annual focus Break it down, we attempted to tackle and break down heteronormative structures head-on and force a reinterpretation of gender, language and action. In this sense, Break it down refers to a process that is far from over, even after 2016. However, 2016 was certainly also a year in which many things collapsed in a global context (geopolitically, socially,...)

2017 our motto is getting closer!

The superficiality distances us from what is real, and generates suffering and violence through lack of respect, and lack of listening” (Nathalie Delay - Künstlerin)

2016 haben wir mit dem Jahresfokus Break it down versucht heteronormative Strukturen frontal anzugehen und aufzubrechen und eine Reinterpretation von Geschlecht, Sprache und Handeln zu forcieren. Break it down bezeichnet in diesem Sinn einen Prozess, der auch nach 2016 noch lange nicht als beendet bezeichnet werden kann. 2016 war jedoch sicher auch in einem globalen Kontext ein Jahr in dem vieles zusammengebrochen ist (Geopolitisch, Sozial,...)

FIFTITU% is offering fortnightly self-defense training for girls* and women* from 7 September. The training under the guidance of Xhejlane Rexhepi takes place under the motto "Setting your own boundaries". The focus is on instructions on how to protect yourself in order to recognize dangers early on and avoid them if necessary


In addition to physical training, which includes various effective self-defense techniques, psychological training will play a particularly important role. Because only by promoting self-confidence and the ability to call up situation-specific strategies within seconds can a self-determined demeanor be trained and thus reduce the risk of becoming a victim of violence.

Interculturality is seen as a desirable goal for dealing positively with borders, or as a term to be criticized that cements borders. Little thought is given to intercultural women's policy. Feminist viewpoints on this burning issue also need to be developed. On the one hand, local perspectives and ways of thinking need to be exchanged and taken seriously and, on the other hand, the "differences within" must not be neglected The exchange of different systems of thought and knowledge is required, as well as a permanent shifting of views that have become dear.

Interkulturalität wird als erstrebenswertes Ziel angesehen, um mit Grenzen positiv umzugehen, oder als zu kritisierender Begriff, der Grenzen zementiert. Über interkulturelle Frauenpolitik wird kaum nachgedacht. Auch feministische Standpunkte zu diesem brennenden Thema gälte es zu entwickeln. Hierzu müssen einerseits lokale Sicht- und Denkweisen ausgetauscht und ernst genommen werden und andererseits darf die "Differences within" nicht vernachlässigt werden  Der Austausch verschiedener Denk- und Wissenssysteme ist gefordert, sowie eine permanente Verrückung lieb gewordener Sichtweisen.

"Language as a medium represents and transports gender binarity. The gender relationship is constructed through the perception of (gender) perception" (Luhmann 1997: 207).


Our daily language shows an absence of people who live in non-binary systems, or who identify themselves as non-binary and thus fall out of the category of the so-called "normal".
They cannot or do not want to meet the requirements of heteronormativity. Heteronormative language produces and fixes injustice. It standardizes behaviour and social expectations in relation to heterosexuality and belonging to a strict gender binary. And this necessarily implies oppression.