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Projekte & Artikel aus 2014

We are delighted to present the FIFTITU% annual review 2014 with this wonderful poster: TA...TA...TA...TAAA...

Focus of the year 2014 "Feminist concert of wishes"

Music is a socially widely recognized and at the same time contested space of representation. As such, it is also a projection surface for a wide variety of wishes and ideas that should be used to actively promote discussion and discourse on gender symmetry. Feminism is to be seen as a lateral/queer position to the structural guidelines in the musical male-male stream. FIFTITU%
's engagement with the field of music has already run through many years of feminist debate Download - at the END

Cruise on the MS Helene on June 29, 2014

A photo gallery of the 2014 cruise was snapped for us by Petra Moser.

The experts were guests on DORFTV on the eve of the cruise. Helene Grießlehner, Ulli Mayer and Birgit Michlmayr in conversation about music and women in pop culture. Link to the expert talk (60min)

Jerneja Zavec has put together a sound collage of the boat trip for us. (15min)