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Jahresrückschau 2014

Jahresrückschau 2014

We are delighted to present the FIFTITU% annual review 2014 with this wonderful poster: TA...TA...TA...TAAA...

Focus of the year 2014 "Feminist concert of wishes"

Music is a socially widely recognized and at the same time contested space of representation. As such, it is also a projection surface for a wide variety of wishes and ideas that should be used to actively promote discussion and discourse on gender symmetry. Feminism is to be seen as a lateral/queer position to the structural guidelines in the musical male-male stream. FIFTITU%
's engagement with the field of music has already run through many years of feminist debate Download - at the END

At the end of 2010, FIFTITU% organized the series "Can we finally talk about music ?!!!" together with the Stadtwerkstatt
Over the years, similar questions about "women* and music" have arisen again and again. This serves FIFTITU% 2014 as an opportunity to once again focus on the music sector in Upper Austria.
With the project focus "Feminist Wish Concert 2014", alternative images, content and themes to the male-mainstream structures in the music sector were shown and discussed as a way of thinking.
We have placed the entire project work under this theme: Technology workshops, reading, traveling traders*, 52radiominutes and FIFTV

Feminist discourse on women* and music 2010 - 2013
2010 Discussion "Can we finally talk about music?":
1. Feminist concert of wishes" 2012:, ,
Women's Day in Parliament 2012 on the topic: Experts discuss "FRAUenMUSIK" in Parliament:
Panel discussion 2013 by zach records on the topic of "Queerfeminist music in Austria":

The focus of FIFTITU%'s work is to improve the framework conditions for women in the arts and cultural sector.

FIFTITU% once again called for the implementation of promised measures (Upper Austrian cultural mission statement, etc.): Public cultural institutions, quotas in institutions, funding/funding reports, working conditions - securing livelihoods, visibility of artists. Open letters, feminist greeting cards, etc. were also part of the measures.