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Selbstverteidigungskurs für Frauen*

Selbstverteidigungskurs für Frauen*

FIFTITU% is offering fortnightly self-defense training for girls* and women* from 7 September. The training under the guidance of Xhejlane Rexhepi takes place under the motto "Setting your own boundaries". The focus is on instructions on how to protect yourself in order to recognize dangers early on and avoid them if necessary


In addition to physical training, which includes various effective self-defense techniques, psychological training will play a particularly important role. Because only by promoting self-confidence and the ability to call up situation-specific strategies within seconds can a self-determined demeanor be trained and thus reduce the risk of becoming a victim of violence.

Please register at

Registration deadline August 15, 2017


Dates 2017:

September 7, September 21

October 5, October 19

November 2, November 16, November 30

December 14


Every Thursday from 18:30 - 20:00, at the Willy*Fred Haus at Graben 3 in Linz