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DIVA'S DIWAN - Filmnachmittage für Frauen*

DIVA'S DIWAN - Filmnachmittage für Frauen*

Interculturality is seen as a desirable goal for dealing positively with borders, or as a term to be criticized that cements borders. Little thought is given to intercultural women's policy. Feminist viewpoints on this burning issue also need to be developed. On the one hand, local perspectives and ways of thinking need to be exchanged and taken seriously and, on the other hand, the "differences within" must not be neglected The exchange of different systems of thought and knowledge is required, as well as a permanent shifting of views that have become dear.

Since there are not many opportunities to get to know each other's views and perspectives on women-specific issues and the various starting points and backgrounds are usually little known to each other, we would like to create an opportunity with DIVAS DIWAN to get in touch and talk to each other in this regard - personally and in terms of content.

With films and other artistic productions on various women-specific topics, from the different countries of origin or neighboring countries of the women, an open dialogue is to be stimulated.

From April until the end of the year, an open salon will be held regularly once a month - just for women*.

The informal and inviting atmosphere of a salon (cafe-bar in the Willy*Fred-Haus) enables low-threshold access for non-German-speaking women*. Depending on the languages and language skills of the participants, interpreters will be present to keep language barriers as low as possible.

The meetings will open with the presentation of films or other artistic productions from the various countries of origin of the participants* on different topics specific to women* - if available in the original language with subtitles or with on-site translations.

After each presentation, open discussions on the respective content of the presentation are planned. Perceptions and ideas of different female* positions and starting points can be addressed in a protected setting and a transcultural feminist discourse can be promoted in the longer term.

The concrete programming of the individual events is gradually carried out by the participants themselves or by a team of them, or their wishes and ideas form the basis for the selection of films, books, music or exhibitions. FIFTITU provides the infrastructure as well as a person who accompanies the project in an advisory capacity. It is important to us that the hierarchy in the collaboration is as horizontal as possible, which is why it is beyond doubt for us that the team members must also be adequately remunerated for their work in accordance with the legal possibilities. All possible fee-based work for the project (translations, set-up, cleaning, layouts, ...) should be awarded to asylum-seeking women as far as possible, in accordance with the legal possibilities.