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NEEDful things

NEEDful things

A further education project by KUPFakademie, FIFTITU% - Networking Center for Women in Art and Culture Upper Austria and the Forum of Graduates of the University of Art and Design Linz.

A study commissioned by the bm:ukk on the social situation of artists reveals a dramatic situation: 37% live on a total annual income below the at-risk-of-poverty threshold. The income of women in this segment is 35% lower than that of artists, despite their higher level of education, interest in further training and stronger networking. Half of artists earn less than 1,033 euros per month, although three out of four artists also have at least one other job related or unrelated to art [article Armutsfalle Kunst in the KUPF Zeitung].
What is needed here is joint political action based on solidarity - because there is enough for everyone! It's just a question of distribution and social prioritization. But we also need concrete, short-term support for those affected. This is exactly what the "NEEDful Things" project is about: concrete information as orientation for the professional life of cultural workers and space for reflection on social and political conditions.

Info evenings - practical information for everyday working life in the arts

  • Forms of employment
  • Tax law for the self-employed
  • Precarious work - a look at resources
  • Copyright law
  • Social security for artists


  • Gender roles in the cultural association
  • Artists as entrepreneurs
  • Mrs. Mayer to the microphone please

This project is provisionally completed in fall 2010.
Further information on the individual information evenings and seminars can be found at KUPFakademie NEEfulThings

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