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NEEDful things - Subversive und Performative Praktiken

NEEDful things - Subversive und Performative Praktiken

Location: KUPF office, Untere Donaulände 10/1, Linz
Costs: EUR 35,- / EUR 25,- for KUPF members, FIFTITU% members, Forum members
Registration deadline: Friday October 9, 2009
max. participants: 15

Dr. phil Regine Müller: Gini Müller lives in Vienna. Dramaturge, theater scholar, performer

10.00 - 19.00 hrs

Public spaces of conflict are characterized by certain forms of staging and communication, which also offer creative opportunities for subversive intervention.
In this workshop, various strategies of subversive practice will be presented and selected applications and scenarios discussed (communication guerrilla, interventions in public space, invisible theater, queer activism, etc.)

FROUM graduates