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Frauen im KZ Ravensbrück

Frauen im KZ Ravensbrück

Traveling exhibition 2000/2001

at various locations in the Upper Austrian. Regions

"What did I come out for?"
Traveling exhibition at 7 locations in Upper Austria

A project by FIFTITU% in cooperation with Akku Steyr, Bruckmühle Pregarten, Frauentreff Rohrbach, Kanal Schwertberg, Literaturnetzwerk Ried/Innkreis, Local-Bühne Freistadt and Waschecht Wels

One of the National Socialist concentration camps was exclusively for women: Ravensbrück. Thousands of Austrian women were deported there by the National Socialists. Despite this, Ravensbrück is not a household name in this country, nor have the life stories of the murdered women been given the attention they deserve.

"Paths to Ravensbrück" commemorates some of these Austrian women. The focus is on their stories of life, survival and survival. They tell us about their lives up to their imprisonment in concentration camps, about the women who were murdered in Ravensbrück, about their own survival, about their lives after liberation and the torment of memories. The reasons for their persecution were different, but the immense rift that persecution and concentration camp imprisonment inflicted on their lives is part of their survival for all of them.

"Paths to Ravensbrück" does not end with the liberation of the women, but leads up to the present day.

Photo: contemporary witness Irma Trksak