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52 Radiominuten: From Tears to Ideas*

52 Radiominuten: From Tears to Ideas*

Romanian multimedia artist Andreea Vlăduț and Austrian multidisciplinary artist Christa Wall are bringing the role of women as moirologists to the fore. In their field research they have focused on Romania, however their theoretical fundament came from different transnational contexts. All this evolved into the exhibition titled From tears to ideas* that took place in November and December in Bucharest, Romania. 

Vlăduț and Wall spoke about moiorogist´s modus operandi, how this praxis is a feminist one, and which challenges they encountered when tackling this topic and preparing the exhibition and performance.

Music: Laments from interdisciplinary project From Tears to Ideas* and excerpts from performance Pneuma Lamentare (2020)
Filmstil: Filmstil from the Performance with Christa Wall

*From tears to ideas – words written by Steven Feld in “Sound and Sentiment: Birds, “Weeping, Poetics, and Song in Kululi Expression”.