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READER online!

READER online!

Freedom and Precarity - Networking Day and Symposium 2008

Last November, the national networking meeting of women in art and culture and a symposium entitled "Freedom and Precarity" took place in Linz. The IG- Kultur, the Association of Feminist Scientists and FIFTITU% were the organizers.

Today (April 2, 2009), the PDF publication with texts by the speakers was published on the

The precarization of work and life is increasing. Material impoverishment,
Isolation and social division are (foreseeable) consequences of this development and make it necessary to network initiatives and approaches. With the intention of entering into a multidisciplinary exchange on precarization processes, FIFTITU%, IG Bildende Kunst, IG Kultur Österreich and the Association of Feminist Scientists invited participants to Linz at the end of November 2008 to discuss freedom and precarity

The texts collected in this reader are based on the content of the presentations, lectures and workshops of the feminist networking day and symposium of the same name. Juliane Alton, Petja Dimitrova and Roswitha Kröll have put their lectures and presentations on paper and expanded and deepened some aspects. The texts by Marty Huber and Jo Schmeiser take up the debates triggered in their workshops and record the (initial) results of the discussions. In an introductory article, Sabine Prokop also explores the conceptual duo of freedom and precarity in the context of art, culture and science. An event report by Daniela Koweindl completes the collection of texts.

Texts and download of the reader at

With texts by:
Juliane Alton, Petja Dimitrova, Marty Huber, Daniela Koweindl, Roswitha
Kröll, Sabine Prokop, Jo Schmeiser

FIFTITU%, IG Bildende Kunst, IG Kultur Österreich, Association of Feminist
Women scientists

Editorial team:
Iris Aue, Gabi Gerbasits, Marty Huber, Ursula Kolar, Patricia Köstring
(coordination), Daniela Koweindl (coordination), Roswitha Kröll, Sabine
Prokop, Gerlinde Schmierer