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Inter*Trans*Themenabend Linz

Inter*Trans*Themenabend Linz

Inter*Trans*Theme Evening Linz @ Moviemento Kino (OK Platz 1, 4020 Linz)

What often begins before birth is the question of our gender. We are constantly deciding between male and female, whether we are applying for a loyalty card, ordering a pizza or simply going to the toilet. What if it's not so clear-cut when it comes to gender?

The Inter*Trans*Themed Evening Linz is dedicated to the realities of life for inter* and trans* people in the form of keynote speeches and films. Intersex and trans identity are still taboo topics in our society - with all the negative consequences for those affected and their families. There is inadequate professional care and in the medical field, both topics are still largely considered an illness or disorder to be treated.

The Inter*Trans*themed evening offers the opportunity to get information, ask questions and find out about current developments. The aim of the event is to break down prejudices, facilitate encounters and reduce discrimination.5 p.m. IMPULSE SPEAKS
Tobias Humer (Association of Intersex People Austria VIMÖ)
Michaela Lindmoser (Trans*Counseling HOSI Linz)

"Herma XXY - intersex" (CAN/DE) offers touching insights into the lives and activism of intersex people
"Mathias" (AT) is an Austrian premiere that portrays the journey of transition in a sensitive and up-close way

The event will take place on 3.12.2016 from 17:00 at Moviemento Kino, OK Platz 1, 4020 Linz
Admission is free of charge

This themed evening is organized in cooperation with FIFTITU% - Networking Office for Women in Art and Culture in Upper Austria, VIMÖ - Association of Intersex People Austria and HOSI LINZ - Homosexual Initiative Linz.

Basic information:
Intersex people have biological characteristics from birth that do not allow them to be classified in the usual categories of "man" and "woman". We speak of trans identity when the gender identity deviates from the biological birth sex.

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