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Frauenfest - Patz machen!

Frauenfest - Patz machen!

Location:Kapuzinerstrasse 36, 4020 Linz
Time: from 8 pm
women only

Party for the International Women's Struggle Day

initiated by the working group "Against sexism in and around art and cultural initiatives"

International Women's Day has been celebrated worldwide for 93 years now. Every year on March 8, women take to the streets to demonstrate for their rights. They fight for equal pay, for equal work, for equal rights in the labor market, for a stronger fight against discrimination or against fascism, patriarchism and sexism.

On the occasion of International Women's Day, the working group "Gegen Sexismus in und um Kunst- und Kulturinitiativen" (Against Sexism in and around Art and Culture Initiatives) is organizing the festival "Platz machen" (Making Space) on 5 March 2004 at the Kulturverein KAPU in response to the structural underrepresentation of women in the cultural field.

On this day, the motto "Make room" stands for a variety of artistic actions by women, beyond sexism and patriarchally dominated and standardized patterns of presentation. At this festival, women should be able to exchange ideas, network and realize themselves in a deliberately non-male constructed environment and away from prevailing everyday constraints. Self-empowerment and the strengthening of one's own power of definition and construction are just as important to the working group "Against sexism in and around art and cultural initiatives" as the creation of opportunities for participation beyond male power structures.


Iron Mädlz/ Vienna - trash music with keyboards, drums and strings.

SiRenée/ Linz - performance "Dazwischen", videos "L.. ergo sum", "Bloß schnell weg"

Djini Godez/ Linz

Die Zwei/ Linz, disco punk

Barbara Larcher/ Video

Maiz/ poster exhibition



Book table from the Infoladen Linz

open stage


Working group "Against sexism in and around art and cultural initiatives"

The working group "Against sexism in and around art and cultural initiatives" was founded at the end of November 2002.

The aim of the working group is to reflect on the topic of (everyday) sexism in and around art and cultural initiatives in a discussion round that takes place every six weeks and thus to summarize the diverse approaches and experiences of the participants in the working group. In addition to representatives from various institutions such as Stadtwerkstatt Linz, Radio FRO, Kulturverein waschaecht, Kunstraum Goethestrasse, Kulturplattform OÖ, Verein FIFTITU% - Verein zur Förderung von Kunst und Kultur von Frauen, medea - Kulturverein für aktive Medienarbeit, Kulturverein KAPU, MAIZ - autonomous integration center by and for migrant women, Prairie, Kulturverein röda and qujOchÖ - experimental art and cultural work, the working group also includes musicians, artists and feminist academics from the Institute for Legal History at the University of Linz. The intensive exchange in conversation provides insights into events and experiences that take place in the everyday environment of the participants and enables the need for communication, reflection and action that is necessary in many respects. For example, what are the internal decision-making processes in art and cultural initiatives like? Where are there barriers to access for women in cultural work and artistic creation, where are there structural barriers within the initiatives? What strategies can women develop and what mechanisms can be used to counteract sexist acts - also in the long term?

The results of the discussion should also have a political impact in the form of projects, actions and media coverage in order to make an anti-sexist standpoint visible in a variety of ways.