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Heiße Theke Domgasse

Heiße Theke Domgasse

Wed 27. March 2024, 18h - 21h

Hearty invitation to Heiße Theke Domgasse

The Heiße Theke in Domgasse is a meeting place for urban culture that is activated by local hosts and initiatives from the Domgasse neighborhood. On seven evenings during the cold months, a diverse program of art, discourse and live music is created.

The hot counter forms the architectural framework, which folds up during the activations thanks to the modular wooden construction. Between the performances, it functions as a strategically positioned object that invites interaction and also indicates upcoming events.

The Hot Bar in Domgasse always takes place Wednesdays.

Where > Domgasse Linz on the summer gardens of Hemingway's and Zaffran.

We invite you to participate in the design of the Hot Bar Domgasse! If you are interested, please contact us by e-mail at:

& Studio Clemens Bauder


  • Supported by Linz Kultur
  • Idea & Concept: Clemens Bauder, Oona Valarie Serbest, Rebekka Hochreiter, Leonie Reese
  • Street Date: Leonie Reese, Rebekka Hochreiter
  • Object Hot Bar: Studio Clemens Bauder
Heiße Theke



Linz 4020