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Feministische Mischung

Feministische Mischung

squeezed up

Deboleena Roy is a feminist scientist trained in neuroscience, molecular genetics, and reproductive biology, her intention is to move beyond feminist critiques of science and to develop feminist practices for the lab. Goals of her research include integrating feminist epistemologies and methodologies into scientific practices, and using research in the sciences to reconfigure feminist theories of materialism. Deboleena Roy held a lecture titled "Feminist Practices for the Lab" on 22nd January this year, where she discussed exactly these practices. She is an Associate Profesor of Women's, Gender amd Sexuality Studies and Neuroscience and Behavioral Biology at the Emory University in Atlanta. Before the lecture we recorded an interview with her.

Roy's lecture took a place within the public lecture series "Shifting Patterns, Shifting Gender Norms in Science and Engineering" at the Johannes Kepler University Linz on January 22 this year. It was organized by the Institute for Women's and Gender Studies (JKU Linz).



Radio Corax spoke to Anja Porpoise, radio producer and part of the Leipzig-based Propellas network. Propellas see themselves as coordinators of an open network that supports women in music. Anja Porpoise was one of the guests on the discussion panel entitled Equal / Not Equal. The youth culture associations Conne Island and KREV collaborated on this event. Anja Porpoise also started at Conne Island, which offers its own rehearsal space for girls and women. KREV is particularly concerned with the promotion of women in male-dominated areas of youth subculture and the associated breaking down of gender hierarchies.


Breaking up

Women will march through Europe in a caravan as part of the 4th Global Action of the Marche Mondiale des Femmes, the World Women's March. In solidarity with Kurdish women in their struggle for autonomy and self-determination, the start will be on March 8, 2015 in Kurdistan, Turkey. The action will end on October 17, 2015 in Portugal. The march will be in Austria around May and the Ebensee Women's Forum is working intensively to accompany the march through the Salzkammergut region.

At the same time, there will be actions by hundreds of women's groups on all 5 continents. The themes are ecology, violence against women, community, exploitation ... The organization of the Marche Mondial has its roots in the women's counter-conferences to the World Conference on Women in Beijing in 1995.

Radio Dreyeckland from Freiburg recorded a telephone interview with Inge Kölle, a co-organizer from Hunsrück.

More information can be found at: or on Facebook at fem van.



AK success: maternity leave no longer reduces unemployment benefit. In contrast to periods of civil or military service, periods of childcare allowance were previously not recognized for the entitlement to unemployment benefits. The Constitutional Court has now overturned this unequal treatment after the AK conducted a test case with two affected women.

The Standart asked the Austrian parties about their women's policy priorities after a year of heated debates (Binne - I, federal anthem).

The introduction of quotas to increase the number of women on company boards WORKS. This is confirmed by a comparative study by Catalyst, a non-profit organization for women in business. Norway, the first country in the world with such a quota system, tops the list with 35% women on boards. Austria is at 13%.

Prize money has increased for female athletes. In more and more sports, women are receiving the same amount of prize money as men, according to a comparison of 56 sports by the BBC. There is prize money in 35 sports. In 25 sports, prize money is already awarded in the same amount to women and men. Tennis was the first discipline with equal prize money in 1973. The biggest difference is in soccer. British Sports Minister Helen Grant believes that sponsors and the media have a duty: "We know that women's sport is very exciting, we know that it can reach a large audience, but it needs more media coverage and more economic investment."


served and decorated

- The next planning meeting for Feminism and Riot on March 8, 2015 will take place on January 30, 2015 from 5:30 pm at FIFTITU% in Harrachstrasse 28 in Linz. All interested women with * are cordially invited.

- The pink noise Girls Rock Camp Linz 2015 is also sending out an invitation to participate. On February 1st at the retreat II: there will be the opportunity to get to know the core team and the areas of public relations + application. Sunday, February 1st, 12-16h, at FIFTITU% / Linz 12h - 14h the core team will meet, 14h-16h the areas of public relations and application

Please register for the meeting

Registration via mail: or +43 699 109 767 29

- International Women's Day will be celebrated in Linz this year with a symposium. For three days from March 6 to 8, workshops, discussions and performative interventions will take place in public spaces. There will soon be a call for participation. Find out more on the Feminism and Riot website.


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