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Fahrende Händler*innen des musikalischen Widerstandes

Fahrende Händler*innen des musikalischen Widerstandes

squeezed up

On the occasion of International Whores' Day on 2 June, advice centres and the self-organization of sex workers repeatedly draw attention to the institutional and structural violence against sex workers. This year, maiz - self-organization by and for migrant women - invited people to a city tour "On the trail of sex work in Linz".

After the city tour, there was an open-space discussion.

Driade Aguiar from Midia Ninja, a group of so-called guerrilla reporters in Brazil, spoke about feminism, sexualization and racist contexts in her country.

Luzenir Caixeta, Gergana Mineva and Melanie Hamen, from maiz, explained why the debate on sex work is led by abolitionists. They equate sex work with slavery and why few people from the field are still involved.

Self-organization of sex workers and counselling centres demand equality under labour law and destigmatization of sex work. Press release by the associations LEFÖ, PiA, maiz, SXA-Info, iBUS and the platform from June 2, 2014:


squeezed open

"Love, power and adventure", activists from AUF (Action by Independent Women) describe their feminist career. The book presentation took place on June 16 in cooperation with Autonomes Frauenzentrum Linz and Zeitbasierte Medien at the University of Art and Design Linz,

The publisher Käthe Kratz, author Eva Dité and educator Erna Dittelbach read from the book that evening.

They describe the social living conditions and political ideas of those years ... and above all: how the common struggle changed their world view as well as their self-image. They talk about their childhood in the 1950s and early 1960s, about forbidden sexuality, abuse, dream escapes and loneliness. The new women's movement of the 1970s brought about socio-political upheavals that are taken for granted today. Nevertheless, women still struggle with many of the old - and many new - problems. AUF activists have met up again after 40 years and written a book.



This year FIFTITU% is organizing the theme"Feminstisches Wunschkonzert"! Once again this year, FIFTITU% is taking a little trip by boat. The theme of the trip is "Traveling merchants of musical resistance". There is still time to register for the boat trip until June 25: "Traveling merchants of musical resistance". On Sunday, June 29, the MS-Helene will sail up the Danube towards Ottensheim. Meeting point is the landing stage of the MS-Helene in Linz/Urfahr in the area of the Urfahr fairground. More information at

In addition, an interview with Ursula Kolar and Roswitha Kröll, managing directors of FIFTITU%.


squeezed up

One of the topics of the "Traveling Merchants of Musical Resistance" is the Girls Rock Camp 2014 taking place in August. The Public Snake Show of Radio Helsinki has recorded an interview with Sara Paloni, one of the organizers of the Girls Rock Camp. She is a member of pink noise, an association for feminist pop-cultural activities, and is co-organizing the Girls Rock Camp for the fourth time.


served and decorated

  • On Friday, June 27, 2014 at 7 pm, the Gabriele Heidecker Award Ceremony will take place at the Architekturforum Oberösterreich. This year, the fourth Gabriele Heidecker Women's Art Prize goes to the Linz-based artist duo Veronika Krenn and Vesela Mihaylova as well as Elisabeth Kramer. Veronika Krenn and Vesela Mihaylova convinced the jury with their project "Taste of Data", Elisabeth Kramer with "Betrachtungsgerät - Denkmal für die ehemalige Landesfrauenklinik".

  • On June 28 at DorfTV: Discussion titled "Traveling Merchants of Musical Resistance" in front of the Danube boat trip with the same title.

  • Another "Musical Resistance": on Sunday, 29. June 2014 FIFTITU% invites you to the Danube boat trip: 3 experts invite you to discuss: "Feminist tendencies in popular music" (Helene Grießlehner), "Girls Rock Camp - Linz" (Ulli Mayer) and "Music as resistance (riot girls, queerness in music, ...)" (Birgit Michlmayr).

  • On July 10, 2014 / 17h Schwimmfisch or Krawallfisch on the Danube beach, more info soon on

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