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Eine Sprache der Liebe

Eine Sprache der Liebe


On November 30, 2015, the Marianne.von.Willemer Prize was awarded by the City of Linz for the eighth time in the Old City Hall. The prize is an award for high-quality works by female writers and is intended to help women gain a foothold in the local literary scene

Writer Gabriele Kreslehner has been awarded this year's Women.literature.prize, endowed with 3,600 euros, for her text "indian summer". The text was chosen by the expert jury from more than 100 submissions.///////////////////////////////

squeezed up

December 17 is the International Day against Violence against Sex Workers. On this day, various associations that campaign for advice and rights for sex workers call for an end to discrimination against sex workers.

LEFÖ - Advice, education and support for migrant women - is one of them. Originally founded as a self-organization by and for Latin American migrant women, LEFÖ today advocates for migrant women from different countries of origin. Sex work is work and the new Vienna Prostitution Act has massively worsened the working situation of sex workers on the streets.

We listen to a report on the fight for more rights for sex workers. Maria Hörtner from LEFÖ talks about the last 25 years and the challenges facing the LEFÖ organization in the field of sex work today.



"Aus der Praxis im Dissens" is the new book by Rubia Salgado. In it, she brings together "a selection of texts that she has written over the past 20 years as part of her work with the migrant women's organization maiz (Linz, Upper Austria). In addition to positions on migration, cultural, educational and language policies, the volume also contains previously unpublished literary texts by the author. The private sphere, which remains incessantly political, and the public political positions intertwined throughout: Vulnerability and resistance." (Invitation text for the book presentation)

Rubia Salgado presented her book in conversation with Aileen Derieg at the Kepler Salon. The event took place in cooperation with #publik and Kepler Salon, with the support of the Austrian Society for Political Education. The book was published by Andrea Hummer, transversal texts in September 2015.


NEWS "5-2 Minutes"- feminist news

1. In Austria, same-sex couples will be allowed to adopt other people's children from the New Year. The Supreme Court had demanded this. If the state allows the adoption of other people's children, it may not exclude people from doing so because of their sexual orientation, said the Supreme Court. It set the legislator a deadline until the end of 2015.

In Europe, same-sex couples are allowed to adopt other people's children in some countries. These include the Benelux countries, France, Great Britain, Scandinavian countries and Spain. In Germany, stepchild adoption is possible for same-sex couples in a registered partnership. Lesbians and gays may also adopt a child previously adopted by their partner. In Italy and Switzerland, same-sex couples are not allowed to adopt children. Both countries are planning to allow same-sex couples to adopt stepchildren.

2. France's parliament voted on the so-called tampon tax in mid-December. During deliberations on the 2016 budget, a majority of MPs voted in favor of reducing the VAT on feminine hygiene products from 20 to 5.5 percent. The French government initially rejected calls to reduce the tax.

Multiple women's groups staged protests against the French government's stance, saying hygiene products should be treated in the same way as other essential items such as water and food, or condoms.

Other EU countries have also already implemented a reduction in VAT on feminine hygiene products. These include the UK, Ireland, Spain and the Netherlands.

served and decorated

On January 8, 2016, Feminism and Riot will be hosting DJ protest labs in Feminism and Riot. DJ training will take place from 4pm to 7pm and open decks from 7pm to midnight at KUBA // Wienerstraße 127 // Linz //. DJ training and open decks are reserved for women*, but the dancefloor and meeting are open to everyone.

On January 21, 2016, the exhibition opening "Die Schönheit der Anomalie" will take place in the Galerie in der Schmiede. The "Galerie in der Schmiede" in Pasching presents solo and collaborative works by the artist family Helga Schager, Herbert Schager, Oona Valarie, Ufuk Serbest and Felix Schager.

The music in the show comes from the compilation Riot Grrrl is not Dead!

Image: © M. Hart