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Die Parallel-Landtagsregierung ist nicht mehr männerlos

Die Parallel-Landtagsregierung ist nicht mehr männerlos

squeezed up
After around ten months of an all-male government in the Upper Austrian state parliament, we have finally "got" a woman* in Upper Austria. The new Upper Austrian SPÖ leader Birgit Gerstorfer was also sworn in as a state councillor at the beginning of July.

The Upper Austrian women's government also met in front of the Landhaus on July 7. At this meeting, a man* was sworn in as the provincial councillor for men's affairs and childcare. The topic on which resolutions were passed this time was self-employment/economy/career.

The Upper Austrian women's government always meets in parallel to the official session of the state parliament with its government, which is no longer without women. Once a quorum has been established, the "Provincial Governor", her "Provincial Councillors" and now a Provincial Councillor vote on constructive, implementable proposals for more diversity and gender equality.

The Upper Austrian Women's Government is a collaboration between the March 8th Alliance and the non-partisan, independent initiative #OhneUnsVielSpaß.

Every 8th of the month, the transcultural, women's political alliance Feminismus & Krawall joins forces with the T.K. Tanz association for a DJ session with training on software and hardware - Protestlabor DJ. We spoke to Andrea Winter, head of this event series, about training content and women in DJ-ing.

In our column "aufgeblättert" we hear a review of the book "Geschlechtliche, sexuelle und reproduktive Selbstbestimmung: Praxisorientierte Zugänge", edited by Michaela Katzer and Heinz-Jürgen Voß. The book was published this year by Psychosozial-Verlag.
Tobias Humer has written a review, read by Dorota Trepczyk.

NEWS "5-2 Minutes"- feminist news
What has been in force in Austria since January 1, 2016 is now also being introduced in Germany. On Thursday, the German Bundestag passed the tightening of sexual criminal law that has been discussed for months under the motto "No means no". In future, a person will be punished even if they have raped another person and they have "merely" said "No, I don't want that" or something similar.

Stereotypes about motherhood rarely receive attention in academia. A new book brings together numerous contributions on the topic. "O Mother, Where Art Thou?" (Queer-)Feminist Perspectives on Motherhood and Motherliness is the title of the book edited by Maya Dolderer, Hannah Holme, Claudia Jerzak, Ann-Madeleine Tietge.
The authors use fundamentally feminist perspectives to formulate their critique of social role models and their social and political reproduction. They analyze the phenomena of motherhood and motherliness, make demands and develop emancipatory concepts of identity.
The book was published by Westfälisches Dampfboot Verlag in 2016.

served and decorated
On August 8, 2016, if the weather stays nice, the Protestlabor DJ Summer Edition will take place at Hafen at Time's Up, Industriezeile 33b in Linz. Organized by Feminism and Riot and T.K.Tanz. There will be a working space from 5pm to 8pm and open decks from 8pm to 11pm. Women* and girls*, and people who feel as such, are cordially invited! Dancefloor and meetings are open to everyone. More info at:

The music in the show comes from Electric Indigo

Photo: Kamila Kolanska