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Aktivistisches Wissen: selbstbestimmter Protest

Aktivistisches Wissen: selbstbestimmter Protest

At the beginning of July, FIFTITU% hosted a feminist boat trip on the Danube for the second time. The "traveling merchants" met to discuss the topic of activist knowledge. Marty Huber, Gin Müller and activists from maiz discussed together with activists from the Refugee Camp Vienna. Fellow travelers were also invited to collect, trade and exchange knowledge. There were three topics to choose from: "activist techniques", "queerfeminist strategies" and "media of self-determined protest". You can listen to the second part of the panel discussion on dortTV. Moderated by Roswitha Kröll, the following activists had their say: Tanja Araujo, Marty Huber, Marissa Lobo, Gin Müller and Xhejlane Rexhepi.

The "Komödiale Festival: Fest des Lachens" took place on June 28 and 29, 2013. Who laughs when about when? Humour as subversion and as a strategic destabilization of prevailing conditions. The concept of this festival places humor at the center of the debate as an underused resource of anti-racist/trans-feminist work. The July program featured an excerpt from the discussion entitled "Queer what? Queer who? Queer how?" could be heard. This time you can hear Grace Latigo's speech and Njideka Iroh's poetry slam as well as reactions from participants.

"Rossbacher is a drink made for real men and not for girls or boys, which is why we dedicate this website to real men's topics: The best local tips, the best men's sayings and the latest technology for real men." This is a quote from the website, on which the Austrian liqueur manufacturer "Rossbacher" presents its current advertising campaign. This is deeply chauvinistic and dripping with sexist remarks. The "Fair Play" initiative, which campaigns for diversity and respect and against racist and sexist prejudices in sport, has commented on this campaign. Not least because the image of the "real man" that Rossbacher portrays also reproduces a narrow-minded, macho understanding of soccer culture. Stefan Rois has read the text.

MissDiplomatic reports on various construction sites, this time ANgst and Rebellion.

The artist and art lecturer Shamsia lives in Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan. Her graffiti often depicts overdimensioned women in full-body veils, so-called burqas. She is not fighting for an Islamist society, but sees her art as a means of liberating women. This is why the women's rights organization "Terre des Femmes" invited Shamsia to Switzerland, and Radio Rabe from Zurich conducted an interview with her.