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52 Radiominuten: Rund um den Internationalen Frauen*kampftag

52 Radiominuten: Rund um den Internationalen Frauen*kampftag

Squeezed up

You can listen to a short interview with the artist Verena Mayrhofer. She is exhibiting her artworks as part of the AK Women's Month. From March 7 to May 25, 2023, visitors can see her art at the AK-Bildungshaus Jägermayrhof in Linz.
Verena Mayrhofer is a cultural worker and artist who works in analog and digital space. She is active in the ENT association in Linz and the city of Haag.

Events around the International Women's* Struggle Day in Linz:


squeezed up

As a little appetizer for the Women's* Struggle Day on March 8th, we are sending the contribution with the speeches from the last year to get you in the mood for the struggle already now.

The transcultural feminist alliance Feminism and Krawall has designed a program on the theme of "Solidarity" in 2022.
We listen to audio recordings of the speeches by:
maiz (association by and for migrants) together with the collective (critical educational, counseling and cultural work by and for migrants)

Barbara Fischeneder (Fridays for Future Linz)
Chrislane Barros da Silva (Black Lives Matter Linz)
Eva Schuh (Managing Director Violence Protection Center Upper Austria, lawyer, mediator, coach)
and Mariel Rodriquez-Rodriquez (Working Group for Equal Treatment Issues, Linz University of Art)

Music: (c) Yendri, CSS, EsRAP and Sevdaliza
Photo: (c) Verena Mayrhofer