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52 Radiominuten: Ein Manifest der freundinnenderkunst

52 Radiominuten: Ein Manifest der freundinnenderkunst

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In today's radio show, we portray the Linz-based artists' collective friends of art. The collective currently consists of four people: Claudia Dworschak, Marion Klimmer, Helga Lohninger and Viktoria Schlögl. We asked them about their projects, in particular the manifesto they created in 2023 entitled PUNKT. In the manifesto, they summarize their many years of experience in the art scene and declare their commitment to resisting the cult of genius in art and promoting collective work.

PUNKT. The manifesto of the friends of art

You can listen to an interview with three of the four members of the artists' collective: Claudia Dworschak, Marion Klimmer and Helga Lohninger. They told us about their manifesto and gave us insights into their work and perspectives.


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FIFTITU% has won the prestigious Grand National Prize for its outstanding initiative in cultural work. The award ceremony took place at the end of 2023 and the prize is worth 7,500 euros. We at 52 are extremely proud to receive this recognition.

>The radio show X_XY (Un)solved and (Un)heard! The feminist magazine with a queer bite celebrates the 25th anniversary of FIFTITU% with a special 3-part radio show.

On January 22, 2024, the deadline for applications for the Women's Prize of the City of Linz expires. The prize, endowed with EUR 5,000 (from 2024), honors outstanding commitment to women's politics.

This year, the City of Linz is taking an important step to support the LGBTIQ* community and promote awareness in society.

A few days ago, the opening of the European Capital of Culture was celebrated in Bad Ischl. The project "Salzkammerqueer: Queer Communities in Rural Areas" is now being developed there.

Music (c): Susi Maschek, freundinnenderkunst in collaboration with the musician Thomas Pichler, Madeleine Bloom and Sevdaliza
Photo (c): Reinhard Winkler