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YU? [why you?]

YU? [why you?]

"As we tell[hear] stories about the lives of others, we learn how to imagine what another creature might feel in response to various events. At the same time, we identify with the other creature and learn something about ourselves."
[Martha C. Nussbaum]

Austria concluded a recruitment agreement with Turkey in 1964 and with the former Yugoslavia in 1966 in order to recruit workers. "Guest workers" came and stayed. In the 1990s, the collapse of Yugoslavia brought in numerous refugees who also stayed. Within the "foreign" resident population, the largest group (37.7 percent) comes from the countries of the former Yugoslavia. [] Around 48% of these are women*.

7 women from ex-Yugoslavia (now Bosnia-Herzegovina, Kosovo, Croatia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, Slovenia) take the space to tell, develop and compile their stories. In audio recordings, oral histories are complemented by statistical data on migration in Linz. Due to the linguistic diversity in EX-Yugoslavia and in order to expand the project internationally, it will be carried out multilingually.

The result of this project will be a documentary film that will include different perspectives of migrant women living in Linz.