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flexart - flexible@art

flexart - flexible@art

As a project partner, we are delighted to announce the new publication flexart - flexible@art:

The research project Flexible@Art has been dealing with precarization and flexibilization tendencies in the cultural and artistic sector and beyond since 2005.

Buzzwords such as creative industries, "Ich-AGs" and cultural management (training courses) refer in these discourses to a seemingly infinite potential for growth and flexible solutions. However, the reality is often different, with employment relationships on the edge of or below the subsistence level, permanent job hopping from one project to the next, standing and waiting times without entitlement to unemployment benefit, but also voluntary work being the reality of life and work in this field. Flexibilization and precarization are both buzzwords that are used to describe a wide range of social changes.

About the publication: The publication is the result of a transdisciplinary, collaborative text production.
The project partners worked on text and visualization in a WIKI web platform.Flexible@Art is a transdisciplinary research project of the University of Art and Design Linz with numerous project partners. It is being carried out together with the Institute of Fine Arts and Cultural Studies at the University of Art and Design Linz, KUPF - Kulturplattform Oberösterreich, the Forum Freunde und AbsolventInnen der Kunstuniversität Linz, FIFTITU% - Vernetzungsstelle für Frauen in Kunst und Kultur, Radio Fro, LIquA - Linzer Institut für qualitative Analysen, ÖH an der Kunstuniversität Linz, Institut für Gesellschafts- und Sozialpolitik an der Johannes Kepler Universität und Abteilung für Kunst- und Kultursoziologie an der Universität für Angewandte Kunst in Wien.

University of Art and Design Linz
Hauptplatz 8
A - 4010 Linz

ISBN: 978-3-901112-38-6