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Violetta Wakolbinger

Photographic installation
Violetta Wakolbinger, 2019/2020

The Tomboy photo project visually explores the topic of fashion and gender identity, reflects on its performative character and shows the possible ways of representing gender through fashion.
Fashion, which exists as the totality of generally applicable rules regarding clothing, consumption, but also patterns of thought and behavior, also promises belonging to a certain social segment.
Fashion creates identities of all kinds and sets clear characteristics, even if fashion has 
become more fluid. has become more fluid. In line with the consideration of gender identities, gender is understood as an active, generative process and not as a naturally acquired attribute.

The identity-forming practices combine both disciplines, fashion and gender relate to each other and influence each other simultaneously. A personal spectrum of the protagonist's staging becomes visible, creating scope for new positioning. A personal part in the formation of gender is important for the project and is addressed through a fashion performance.

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