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Maia Benashvili

"das wi(e)der-holen"
Maia Benashvili, 2020

In her museum text work "das wi(e)der-holen", artist Maia Benashvili refers to the feminist theorist Judith Butler and her thesis that norms can only exist due to the permanent repetition, citation and rejection of an "outside".

Benashvili applies the format of repetition to the term "cunt" in her installation. The artist's aim is not to transfer the term into normality through constant repetition, but to cause a rupture in the normality in which the term is something reprehensible, to trigger a reassessment of the rules of the game, a shifting of boundaries.

At the same time, she wants to emphasize language as an instrument of power and shows in her installation a simple HTML text that is transferred into a text, making the message more accessible. Public/private, frontend/backend.