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Einladung zur Pressekonferenz des Bündnisses gegen Polizeigewalt

Einladung zur Pressekonferenz des Bündnisses gegen Polizeigewalt

Alliance against Police Violence announces media action and press conference for Friday, May 8 at 10.45 am and 11 am respectively at Café Solaris in Linz.

The alliance against police violence was founded as a spontaneous reaction to the incidents on May 1st in Linz. "We don't want to simply accept police repression and are calling for the events to be fully investigated and for a return to democratic rules!", explains alliance spokesperson Vanessa Gaigg

The alliance, which is now supported by over 110 organizations and more than 300 private individuals, was presented at the press conference. "We are overwhelmed by the huge amount of support we have received in just a few days, and the number is growing by the hour," says Gaigg, delighted by the huge response. "Never before has such a large alliance been formed in Linz in such a short time!" continues Gaigg

At the press conference

  • for the first time, all those arrested will have their say and describe their experiences
  • present new material
  • peace researcher Rainer Steinweg will talk about violence prevention and de-escalation during police operations

Before the press conference, there will be a media campaign in which we will also make our displeasure known through action.

All media representatives and interested parties are cordially invited to the media action and the subsequent press conference.

Media action: 10.45 a.m. on the OK square (directly in front of the Solaris)
Press conference: 11.00 a.m. Café Solaris, OK Platz 1, 4020 Linz

For further information please contact: Vanessa Gaigg, Alliance spokesperson: 0650/2728398