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RED lines – connected

RED lines – connected

RED lines - connected

A performative - participative installation as part of the cycle UEBER_LEBEN at the KÜNSTLERHAUS in Vienna by Aiko Kazuko Kurosaki

"The red line - an alarm signal that has already been ignored and crossed several times in a self-destructive way these days - just think of the melting polar ice caps and some politicians or corporate executives - so this project is dedicated to the activist initiatives with which I have been able to cooperate in recent years. The network should not come from my hand alone - I make it available to all interested parties to work on it together with me, because only in interactive cooperation can empathy, diversity and solidarity be lived - this is the only way we can LIVE OUR LIVES."
Aiko Kazuko Kurosaki

Within the RED lines-connected art object, the audience became active and added words to the installation that were important to them. The word where the network was densest emerged as the winning word. It was the word "women's rights" (without an asterisk and written by young women).

The art object was then auctioned off to a buyer. The proceeds went to initiatives that deal with "women's rights".
The buyer herself bought the object in feminist solidarity and it seems to be in good hands in her hands.

We would like to thank Aiko Kazuko Kurosaki for this beautiful, solidary art action and for the fact that FIFTITU% also received a donation for its work in the fight for women's rights.

Photo: Petra Paul
More pictures of the exhibition by Petra Paul at: