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Workshop: ZusammenLeben

Workshop: ZusammenLeben

Wed 20. March 2024, 10h - 13h

Self-reflection and collective thinking

"zusammenLeben" is a feminist art project that focuses on living together and maintaining relationships on an individual and collective level.

The project explores the possibilities and effects that can arise from the connection of individual and collective desire and how utopian impulses can trigger changes in the outside world.

zusammenLeben offers an autobiographical look at the past, present, future, dreams, motivations and ideas of the visitors to SPLACE and the artist as a migrant in Linz.

It is about observing our everyday actions, individual and collective agency and their influence within a broader geopolitical framework.

The activities were developed in different formats around the question:

What can I do to maintain the care and permanence of life?

The methods used will be chosen by the workshop participants (from somatic exercises or simple movement, talking about texts, writing, drawing or collage).

Registration required.

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