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Präsenz- Workshop: My reality is (a) Drag! mit Alice Moe

Präsenz- Workshop: My reality is (a) Drag! mit Alice Moe

Drag Kinging workshop in practice and theory on the performance of identities and self-expression

Presence workshop with Alice Moe
Fri, October 20, 2022, 16:00 - 19:00

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Dress to express!

Women who slip into male identities in order to lead an economic and secure life have been known throughout history for centuries.
Drag kinging opens up the possibility of recognizing gender differences through women's experiences of discrimination, reflecting on them critically and working on them by making them visible. After all, appropriating stereotypical male role models also means maintaining privileges without having to do anything about it.

Whether crafting, wearing beards or debating and deconstructing the role of clothing in everyday life: self-reflection and sharing ideas are at the heart of the workshop.

Drag Kinging offers participants a safe space to discuss experiences of discrimination, raise awareness and highlight alternative courses of action in order to strengthen feminist self-empowerment and encourage creative exchange.

  • Trainer: Alice Moe is a genderfluid queer drag artist. Also active as a drag king, he*she engages in activism around the diverse topic of self-expression.

  • Where: Ann and Pat, Lederergasse 7, 4020 Linz
  • Who: All FLINTA* people ? Women, lesbians, inter, non-binary, trans and people who experience themselves without gender identity
  • Registration:

Jugendkulturbox ann and pat

Lederergasse 7


Linz 4020