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Impulsabend mit Workshops "Auf der Suche nach den Ehrenbürgerinnen"

Impulsabend mit Workshops "Auf der Suche nach den Ehrenbürgerinnen"

Thursday, January 14, 2010, 5.45 - 9.30 pm
In the Medien Kultur Haus Wels, Pollheimerstraße 17, free admission

Do you know any honorary citizens in your district, municipality or city? NO!!! No wonder there are very few.

FIFTITU% wants to join forces with Upper Austrian women's initiatives and associations to search for honorary citizens throughout Upper Austria.
Performative interventions in public space should be just as much a part of the debate as subtle interventions in the same. What is primarily up for discussion are the terms "citizen" and "honor". The aim is a desire for "more".


The topics of the input workshops

Workshop1: "Women of Honor and Women's Honors" - Jo Schmeiser
Which actions of "women" are perceived as honorable, which interpretations/meanings does this include?

Workshop2: "Public spheres" - Gini Müller
How are the terms "honor" and "citizen" presented in the public sphere?

Workshop3: "Honorary citizens and citizen honors" - Marissa Lobo
What does it mean to be an honorary citizen? Who can be one and why?

Registration requested (buffet):
Phone: 0043(0)732-770353, e-mail: workshop(at)
All information at:

Participation in the event is free of charge!!! If necessary, travel costs will be partially reimbursed

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