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Please fill out the questionnaire! Then you will see!


Do you know an honorary citizen? No?
Do you know an honorary citizen? Yes?
And does this person possibly come from the usual areas of politics, business or the church?

The question is whether women are honored for so-called "special" merits. Or are these - the merits and the women - taken for granted and remain invisible to the public?

Do women who achieve something special - and who may also be active outside the usual fields of activity - receive the honor they deserve? Women who achieve extraordinary things in the social sector, in art and culture, in journalism or in associations often remain unrewarded, unpaid and invisible.

An end to invisibility!

An end to false modesty!

Nominate an honorary citizen now, it's time to honor these women!

It's very simple: contact your municipality and nominate this woman.

FIFTITU% invites women's initiatives, cultural associations, private individuals and politicians to nominate women who have made a special contribution to your community, city or district as honorary citizens. The aim is to drastically increase the proportion of women honored in Upper Austria from 10% to 52% over the next few years

All nominated and honored women will be part of the "Gallery of Honorary Citizens" exhibition.

Documentation material of nominations, mail correspondence and appointments will also be collected by FIFTITU% and presented in the Gallery of Honorary Citizens 2010. We therefore ask you to document any contact, mail correspondence and honors and forward them to us.

The FIFTITU% team wishes you lots of fun nominating and filling out the questionnaire

For our research results, click on the audio link. There you can listen to the presentation with interesting information from the impulse evening on Thursday, January 14, 2010 in the Medienkulturhaus Wels.

Listen to the presentation

So enough with the top dog economy. Honor to whom honor is due!

You can find the questionnaire here. It can also be returned anonymously for documentation purposes.

Project team:
Project management: Simone Boria
Project team members: Roswitha Kröll, Ursula Kolar, Hanna Winkler
Research: Simone Grössing

Cooperation partners: Media Culture House