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Gewinner_innen - 1. Hörspielpreis für Frauen!

Gewinner_innen - 1. Hörspielpreis für Frauen!

The literary magazine Summerau,96
1. Radio play prize for women - winners!

First of all, we are delighted that this radio play prize is for women. FIFTITU% was allowed to host the award ceremony. On November 13, 2012, starting at 7:00 pm, the time had come and the winners are Kerstin Putz, Helga Schager, Caroline and Ulrike Haidacher. We are particularly pleased that all three winners have a connection to independent radio.
Link to the radio show

1st place: Putz Kerstin - "The hour of presentability"

"Die Stunde der Darstellbarkeit" by Kerstin Putz does not last an hour, but exactly 10 minutes and 4 seconds - in these 10 minutes and 4 seconds a wealth of stories are told. Stories of Georgina, Estella, Martha, Mona, Carmen and Frieda and the most diverse forms of representation of desirability.
The text comes across as simple, impressively clear and understandable - on the one hand. On the other hand, it manages to create and maintain confusion, irritation and tension. Mini dramas, each of which could stand alone, in this case artfully interwoven, the production sets the pace, a soundscape of noises that drives us and the story forward and at the end we sit together with Carmen in her rhino costume in the desert dust.
A peculiar thing.

KERSTIN PUTZ, lives in Vienna, freelance radio producer, writes radio plays and other texts. Winner of the Ö1 short radio play competition 2012 for her production "Dienerinnen".

2nd place: Schager Helga - "Vom Verschnitt zum Primärschnitt"

Years of collected audio material are combined into a satirical radio play in Helga Schager's "Vom Verschnitt zum Primärschnitt". With wit, creativity and precise editing technique, which Helga Schager has already made her own trademark, she guides us through her everyday radio life without any technical frills. Voices, sounds and images come and go and at the end of the entertaining walk we are rewarded with an "A-symphony".

HEGLA SCHAGER, lives in Linz, is a freelance radio producer, member of the women's editorial team "spacefemfm" and has been nominated several times for prestigious radio awards.

3rd place: Caroline and Ulrike Haidacher - "Beautiful Bodies"

A beauty queen is invited to a typical talk show. Again and again, the signing and a list of beauty contests won by the "beautiful body" in the Upper Austrian region is almost annoying. But the presenter gets more and more distressed.
Reflecting on one's own situation within the talk show breaks the feigned authenticity and the staged power of the speech. On a second level, there is a discussion about beauty - about "beautiful bodies", which then focuses on the physical from the perspective of the body and ultimately exposes the fiction of "pure (female) beauty". At the end, the (somewhat didactic) speech about respect meets the listeners (us) - we are respected. Also of our feelings.

CAROLINE HAIDACHER, lives in Vienna, freelance radio producer, member of the women's editorial team "women on air", Radio Orange, Vienna, since 2005.
ULRIKE HAIDACHER, actress and co-founder of the theater cabaret duo "Flüsterzweieck", diploma thesis on "Wer nicht sehen kann, muß hören. The early radio play work of Elfriede Jelinek in the context of the New Radio Play" Caroline and Ulrike Heidacher lived in Upper Austria for a long time.

Congratulations to all FOUR!

Procedure of the award ceremony

Public presentation and award ceremony on November 13, 2012, from 19:00
Location: FIFTITU% - Networking Center for Women in Art and Culture in Upper Austria, Harrachstraße 28, 4020 Linz
Accessibility: Wheelchair accessible (access via ramp in the courtyard and barrier-free DIXI WC)

An evening dedicated to listening:

Start: 19:00

* Welcome and introduction (MIRIAM association)
* "You can play with listening" - A journey through the history of the radio play (Wally Rettenbacher, Manuela Mittermayer)
* Statement of the jury
* Award ceremony by City Councillor Eva Schobesberger
* Presentation of the award-winning audio pieces
* from approx. 20:30: Party (with music and mulled wine)
* approx. 22:30: Leave us your voice: All guests present who give us a short statement about their state of mind, their wishes or their criticism ... via mic during the evening will be entered into the prize draw for the CD "indien: anarchisches hörwerk. ein streifzug ... ".

End: approx. 23:00

Best regards
Manuela Mittermayer and Wally Rettenbacher (Summerau,96)


The radio play prize is sponsored by the Women's Office of the City of Linz, X-Net Technologies and Land OÖ-Kultur
and supported by FIFTITU%!