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Fachtagung QUE(E)RULIERT! an der Universität Oldenburg

Fachtagung QUE(E)RULIERT! an der Universität Oldenburg

Online conference "QUE(E)RULIERT! Practices of Disruption in Art / Media / Science"
02.07. - 03.07.2021

Institute for Art and Visual Culture, C. v. O. University of Oldenburg

Interactive online workshop by FIFTITU%
Friday, July 2, 2021, 14:45 - 16:15

Moderation: Sylvia Sadzinski (Berlin)
Team: Rebekka Hochreiter, Amina Lehner, Ayan Rezaei, Oona Valarie Serbest, Gitti Vasicek (Linz)

Is it possible to create a QUE(E)RULIERT! Zine format with all participants and guests about the anniversary conference?

Zines are magazines that are produced, published and distributed quickly. They are diverse in terms of topics and formats. As part of the workshop "QUE(E)RULIERTE! Utopias", utopias, ideas, visions and goals will be collected from all participants of the symposium. Equipped with digital mood walls, tool kits and radical healing methods, the participants are repeatedly confronted with unexpected instructions for action.
As part of the interactive workshop, together with friends and experts, we will try not only to document the conference, but also to work with material, images and language in a fun way. Prerequisites: A desire to help shape the future and get involved!

The finished ZINE is designed as a PDF for self-printing.
Please print with the following print settings:

  • Paper size: A4
  • Print paper on both sides (duplex printing): Mirror on short edge
  • Orientation: Landscape format
  • Fold along the y-axis

Have fun with it!