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Die Freiheit zu sein

Die Freiheit zu sein

Event series

From October 7 to November 6, 2003

"Commuters" by Magdalena Frey

Another focus in 2003 was the artistic exploration of the subject of the "body". From October 7 to November 6, 2003, numerous events in the fields of literature, theater and visual arts took place in various locations in Upper Austria.

The series of events arose from the idea of addressing "the body" in an artistic form.

Corporeality is both sensuality and rationality, the pursuit of ideals and individualism, norms and escape, compulsion and freedom. Components of our existence that mix, contradict and complement each other.
Contradictory demands that no one can fulfill or keep track of.Where is it: the freedom -to be?

"The Freedom to Be" explores this question in an artistic, theoretical, but also funny, cheeky and provocative way, showing that beauty and quality of life are not factors determined by a - male-dominated - industry, but can be defined individually and in a self-determined way.
The absurdity of these contradictory demands is shown, but also ways of escaping them. The focus is on a positive female body awareness beyond ideal ideas.

A cooperation of FIFTITU% - Networking Center for Women in Art and Culture in Upper Austria with AKKU Steyr, Frauenforum Salzkammergut, Frauengesundheitszentrum Linz, Frauentreff Rohrbach, Frieda Pohlhammer/Steyr, Kino Ebensee, KIK-Kunst im Keller Ried, Kunst und Kultur Raab, Lichtspiele Katsdorf, LILO - Linzer Lokalbahn, Literaturnetzwerk Innkreis, Local-Bühne Freistadt, Musik-Kulturclub Lembach, Moviemento/Linz, Museum Arbeitswelt/Steyr, Radio FRO, Stadtwerkstatt Linz, Verein MIRIAM/Linz.

Film series/film evenings and lecture "Body ideals"
(Cooperation between Moviemento, Local-Bühne Freistadt, Kino Katsdorf; Kunst und Kultur Raab, Kino Ebensee, Frauengesundheitszentrum Linz, FIFTITU%)

  • Moviemento, Linz
    7. 10. 2003
    19.00: In the mirror of Maya Deren
    followed by short films by Maya Deren, followed by a buffet
    8. 10. 2003
    19.00: Gendernauts
    approx. 20.30: Lecture: "Body ideals" by Katrin Haun (Women's Health Center)
    9. 10. 2003
    19.00: Trading Images
    20.00: Fire
  • Local stage Freistadt women's film night
    10. 10. 2003
    19.00: Gendernauts
    20.30: Lecture: "Body ideals" by Katrin Haun (Women's Health Center)
    followed by a break with buffet
    22.00: Fire
    approx. 23.45: Closing drink
  • Frauentreff Rohrbach
    15. 10th, 19.00: Lecture: "Body ideals" by Katrin Haun (Women's Health Center)
  • Cinema Katsdorf:
    16. 10., 20.15: Fire
    18./19. 10., 18.15: I wanted pants
  • Art and Culture Raab
    24. 10., 20.30: Gendernauts
  • Cinema Ebensee and Women's Forum Salzkammergut
    30. 10th, from 19.30:
    Film Gendernauts, followed by: Lecture: "Body ideals" by Katrin Haun (Women's Health Center)
  • Photo exhibitions

    • ROMNI - A focus on a marginalized social group
      using camera and collage technique on the computer
      Magdalena Frey
      (Photo exhibition as part of MIGRARE, --- Museum Arbeitswelt)
      Cooperation of FIFTITU%, Museum Arbeitswelt, Steyr, Frieda Pohlhammer, Steyr
      Opening: 23. 10. 2003, Alte Schmiede, MAW Steyr
      with an introduction by Aileen Derieg
      Duration of the exhibition: October 23 to November 22, 2003
    • Women commuters
      Women's portraits of users of the LILO
      Photo collages
      Magdalena Frey
      Cooperation between LILO (Linzer Lokalbahn) and FIFTITU%
      Opening: 17. 10. 2003, 18.30 Foyer LILO, followed by a special trip to Alkhoven u.rt.

    Marlene Streeruwitz:
    5. 11. 2003, 20.00, Linz, Stadtwerkstatt: (Cooperation of Verein MIRIAM, Radio FRO 105,0, Stadtwerkstatt, FIFTITU%) - the reading will be broadcast live on Radio FRO 105,0!
    6. 11. 2003, 8.30 pm, Ried, KIK - Kultur im Innkreis

    The freedom of being (different)
    Who would you be if you were someone else? - Theater workshops for young people
    Directed by: Claudia Seigmann, actress and director

    Kulturzentrum AKKU Steyr: 24. - 26. 10. 2003, 3x4 hours
    Registration with Veronika Almer 07252-48542 or akku(at)
    Information also available at

    Music Culture Club Lembach: November 7-9, 2003, 3x4 hours
    Registration with Bernhard Baumüller 07286-7438 or info(at) or mkc(at)
    Information also available at

    Body ideals/b>
    Lecture and discussion

    A journey through history: how have body ideals developed and how have they changed? What influences our idea of an "ideal body" today? And how do people, especially women, who do not conform to this image fare?
    Fat women tell their stories.

    Results of an 11/2 year research project on the subject of "body ideals" as part of a diploma thesis at the J.K. University of Linz
    Speaker: Katrin Haun
    The study was commissioned by the Women's Health Center Linz.

    The lecture will take place in Linz, Freistadt and Ebensee following the film "Gendernauts" by Monika Treut, in Rohrbach as an individual event

    Women commuters
    Women's portraits of users of the LILO
    Photo collages
    Magdalena Frey

    My concept is based on portraits of women who use the LILO. During systematic journeys from early morning to evening, I made contact with female passengers who let me photograph their presence
    After capturing the train situation with my camera, it was particularly important to me to be able to photograph the women in their private, professional or party-related surroundings.
    In a second step, I then juxtaposed the opposites (train journeys on the one hand and personal surroundings on the other) in the form of digital collages.
    In this way, these women stepped out of the anonymity of the group of train passengers and courageously showed more intimate areas of their lives.
    Most of the women portrayed here were characterized by their openness, approachability and strong personalities. The contact with them enriched me greatly and gave me an insight into private spheres and work situations that were otherwise inaccessible to me.

    Magdalena Frey (2003)

    ROMNI - A focus on a marginalized social group
    using camera and collage technique on the computer
    Magdalena Frey

    I have always been interested in the Roma as a socially marginalized group in Europe, which has largely been able to resist the civilizational constraints of the so-called Western world. During a trip to Slovakia, the well-known photographer Tibor Husar invited me to visit Roma settlements to take photographs at my request.
    Special hospitality and curiosity were always the first things I encountered. I was already familiar with some of their unusual social structures from various books and films. Sociability, a patriarchal willingness to use violence and a strange mixture of depression and lust for life had struck me just as much as the colorfulness of the erotic stimulating climate, which was evident everywhere in the fabric patterns of their clothes as well as in their homes.
    But what fascinated me most was their immediate presence, the closeness to these interesting people, their breath, their movements, their physical presence, their exotic vitality.
    Again, as in previous years, my focus in this work was on female existence - on the specific everyday contexts of women in the foreground of my interest.

    In my digital image combinations, I am able to draw on several levels of meaning in one image. The technique of interweaving image content and image properties to create an image complex has been a typical feature of my work for several years.Magdalena Frey (2003)

    The freedom of being (different)
    Who would you be if you were someone else?

    This theater workshop is all about your characters and your stories. Here you can try on roles like costumes and find out how much of yourself is in them. Or: what new sides of yourself come to light. We play with well-known characters from films, comics and fairy tales. With fantasy figures and clown-like creatures. With your doppelgangers and your counterparts, who have everything you don't have - including lots of bad qualities

    The characters meet each other in simple situations. Improvisations are used to develop dialogs and scenes with several characters. The work is about being in the moment, trying out new things and playing with your own identity. The focus is on the joy of play and the joy of transformation - your freedom to be different.

    Young people from 12 to 16
    Participants: max. 12
    Work will take place over three days, concluding with a presentation in front of an audience.
    Bring: comfortable clothing, blankets & lots of desire to try things out

    The workshop will be led by Claudia Seigmann, who has been working as an actress and director in the independent theater scene since 1993. She has a 14-year-old daughter and regularly realizes theater projects with young people and adults

    Science fiction parody by Marlene Streeruwitz

    Vienna in the year 2300:
    Norma Desmond is hunted by unsympathetic machines and immortal humans. Her lover of several hundred years, Donald, is dead and her clone ward David has been transformed into a child by a rejuvenating drug after an intoxicating night of love. Left to her own devices for the first time in her life, Norma manages to escape to Italy, where, after numerous adventures, she falls into the hands of a psychoanalyst who specializes in relieving computer programs of their fears. When her life is threatened to the utmost, she manages to escape with the help of the garden robot Hugo ...

    Not only do the traffic conditions on the streets of Vienna resemble those of today, but the relationship between men and women, the dream of eternal youth and the horror of advanced genetic engineering are also suspiciously reminiscent of our own present day.

    The project is supported by:
    Federal Chancellery Art Section
    Women's Office of the City of Linz
    Province of Upper Austria - Women's Office
    Province of Upper Austria - Department of Culture

    Cooperation partners