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15 Jahre FIFTITU% | FEST

15 Jahre FIFTITU% | FEST

FIFTITU% and Radio FRO celebrate their 15th birthday! On October 31 from 8 pm in the Stadtwerkstatt.
Peace, joy, fire-breathing!

The Networking Center for Women* in Art and Culture Upper Austria is already in the midst of puberty. And Free Radio in Linz also went on air legally for the first time 15 years ago.
Let's celebrate this together in a frenzy! With films, bands, laudatory speeches and DJs, from 8 pm.
Pay as you wish!
Stadtwerkstatt (all areas), Kirchengasse 4, 4040 Linz

  • [film] Squirrel listens to Nirvana
    Radio people in conversation. 16 people who are or were or wanted to be active at Radio FRO talk about their radio life and tell us what's going on.
  • [film] Feminism for Dummies
    With this video work, FIFTITU% addresses feminism in a humorous, ironic but also provocative way. Post-feminism is still a long way off!
  • [live] Fräulein Hona
    In the spirit of "quiet is the new loud", the quartet from Vienna tells four-part stories of melancholy cinnamon sticks, blue sailors and deserted places with witty arrangements
  • [live] Laudationes
    Rubia Salgado gives the birthday speech for FIFTITU%. Patric Huber and Andi Wolf will give the laudation for Radio FRO. They created the show "Schneemannfrau und Schneefraumann" at Radio FRO even before FRO had the license to broadcast. Now they will sing the praises of free media.
  • [live] TuT - sound and text
    Hip hop by Anna Baum and Nice13. Both are as old as Radio FRO, namely 15. Sophisticated lyrics to melodic music.
  • [live] Penélope
    A beatboxing performance by the Austrian Female Beatbox Champion 2008 & 2010.
  • [live] MAYR (Unrecords)
    "genderfuck noise pop loops verkaterte chansons" by the drummer of First Fatal Kiss. Solo on guitar, keyboards, violin, castles and loops.
  • [live] Skamäleon
    A very danceable mix of ska, funk, rock and reggae, with a groovy rhythm foundation, funky guitar riffs, catchy brass sections and a powerful voice.
  • [dj] BlauCrowd FM DJ Team
    blue and white atmosphere at Café Strom
  • [dj] DJ Dan (Texta)
    Texta recently celebrated its 20th birthday, DJ Dan celebrates the 15th on the turntables with Radio FRO and FIFTITU%.

Moderation: Didi Bruckmayr and Maggie Brückner

Delicious food from the VOKÜ (Autonomes Zentrum Linz)!

Pay as you wish!

Stadtwerkstatt (all areas), Kirchengasse 4, 4040 Linz

Live broadcast on Radio FRO 105.0

Graphic: Silke Müller