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Yalda-Punsch zur Wintersonnenwende

Yalda-Punsch zur Wintersonnenwende

We look forward to celebrating Yalda with you and feeding the feminist oracle with our demands, wishes and visions!

Yalda is the longest night of the year, and it's a time for us to connect, recharge and empower each other.

It is also an occasion where we celebrate our sisters* in Iran who are fighting for their rights as women* and feminists.

We celebrate Yalda with a communal punch in and in front of the FIFTITU% office with plenty of space for networking and exchange.

Yalda is also the night of lovers! Your lovers and friends are very welcome.

You are invited to bring your favorite song or red fruit because tradition says that the one* who eats the last remaining summer fruits on this night will get through the winter in good health.

When & Where

🕙 Wednesday, December 21, 2022, from 18:00
🌏 FIFTITU%, Am Graben 3, 4020 Linz

We look forward to seeing you 🩸
We look forward to seeing you 🩸


FIFTITU% am Graben

Graben 3


Linz 4020