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Dyke*march Flinta*day

Dyke*march Flinta*day

DYKE*march and FLINTA*Day on June, 23rd is a whole day for flinta*s and dyke*s with both workshops and a rally through queer linz' community places and concerns. In the evening you are welcome to join our event night at "ann and pat" with electronic music and good flinta & friends vibes.

This demo traditionally takes place the day before the big Pride. It is about the visibility of lesbian, bi, pan, genderfluid, trans, non-binary and drag people.

This year, it is also specifically about people from Iran and their fight for women, freedom and peace. Allies also welcome.

We look forward to seeing you! Let's March, Dykes*!
For the community, the scene and our visibility in it.
We are many, we are diverse - we desire and love women/*! Let's write our own story. Let's take our place!
We want to show and live diversity and represent the diversity and fluidity of femininity and female desire! Define and live yourselves as you really are!