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Widerständiges Wissen auf dem Traunsee

Widerständiges Wissen auf dem Traunsee

squeezed up

The Gabriele Heidecker Women's Art Prize, endowed with €5,000, went to the artist Susanne Jirkuff this year. She was awarded the Gabriele Heidecker Women's Prize for her project "GIRLS_GINNY+GRACE".

For the first time this year, the jury also awarded a commendation. This goes to the Linz-based artist Elisa Andessner for her photo series "Surrender to Spaces."


surrendered to spaces

The traveling traders were on the road again in 2015. This time on the subject of "resistant knowledge" with the ship St. Nikolaus on Lake Traunsee.

Three themed tables with four hosts invited participants to discuss:

"Everyday resistance" with Nicola Abler-Rainalter, "Feminist resistance" with Iris Kästel and Guggi Spitzer and "Historical resistance" with Martha Egger.

FIFITITU% organized this cruise for the fourth time. The panel discussion with all the hosts can also be found on dorftv.


squeezed up

"The Hotel Magdas in Vienna receives the best points on reviews for the location and the hotel staff. The furnishings are also very creative and practical. Everything you need is there with just a few recycled items. The rooms are very individual, used things redesigned! Very relaxed atmosphere, everything is relaxed and respectful, the friendly staff come from many different countries. Because Hotel Magdas is run by refugees." ... says Viktoria Balon, radio producer at Radio Dreyeckland. She visited the Hotel Magdas in Vienna. The hotel aims to solve social problems through its entrepreneurial approach - such a concept is called "social business."


the häferlguckerin

In the Häferlguckerin we deal locally. With "Linz - the city without women." And criticize the Spielraum project. Ursula Kolar has read out the open letter from FIFTITU%.


NEWS "5-2 Minutes" - feminist news

1st women's soccer world champions 2015 are the women from the USA. The USA beat the defending champions 5-2 after just a few minutes against Japan. The 7th Women's World Cup took place in Canada from June 6 to July 7. A total of 24 women's teams took part instead of the previous 16.

2. The fact that language influences job profiles is the result of a study by the Department of Education and Psychology at Freie Universität Berlin. This researches how children perceive professions. They are more likely to be confident about professions if they are also referred to in the female form. The study shows that language can reduce the effect of role stereotypes in the professional field.///////////////////////////////
served and decorated
  1. More women on stage! On August 29, 2015, the pink noise Girls Rock Camp closing concert // ann and pat, Lederergasse 7, Linz

The MUSIC in the show comes from the compilation "Women In Electronic Music (1938-1982)"

Image: © Petra Moser