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From Film to Punk

From Film to Punk

squeezed up

This year at the Crossing Europe Film Festival we spoke to Hana Jušić, the director of the film "Quit staring at my plate", which won the CROSSING EUROPE Award "Best fiction" this year. We asked her about her movie and the role of gender in it, as well as in the film industry. We also hear from Amanda Livanou, producer of the film "Park", who we asked about gender in Greece.
Both interviews are in English.

squeezed up

You can listen to an interview with Pavla Jonssonová. She is a social scientist and expert in the field of contemporary culture and subcultures. She spoke to the daily news desk of Radio Corax about Ostblock Riot GrlZ - female punk in the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic.
Interview is in English language.

"5-2 Minutes"- feminist news

With a show drawn from the Verbund Collection, Vienna's Mumok is dedicating itself to feminist art from the 1970s. The exhibition on positions of the "feminist avant-garde" takes place under the simple title "Woman". It unfolds a dense and exciting look at artistic strategies in a time of great upheaval -
Of course, "liberated sexuality" is also a key theme. The Austrian artist Renate Bertlmann is also represented at the exhibition. The exhibition can be seen until September 3, 2017.

The aforementioned Austrian pioneer of feminist art Renate Bertlmann was honored with the highest award of the Republic: the Grand Austrian State Prize, which is endowed with 30,000 euros. Bertlmann was the first female visual artist to receive the State Prize since 2009. in 2009, Brigitte Kowanz received the highest award of the Republic.
Bertlmann's works had "developed an iconic effect in feminist art", the jury explained its decision. "Through her art, she has decisively expanded the scope of female self-determination."////////////////////////////////////

served and decorated

FIFTITU% invites you to a panel discussion on "Who has the power to change language?" on 31 May as part of the "Non-discriminatory sensitive language" project. The event starts at 5pm in the Info-Beisl in the Willy*Fred Haus, Am Graben 3 in Linz.
On June 21 we will then discuss political correctness!

On June 24 at 3 pm there will be another film evening as part of the project Diva's Diwan . Diva's Diwan is a monthly film evening for women*, organized by FIFTITU%. This time the work of a Saudi Arabian female director will be shown. In the Info-Beisl at Willy*Fred Haus Am Graben 3 in Linz, free admission!

From 7 September FIFTITU% is offering a fortnightly self-defense course for women. This takes place every 2nd Thursday at 18:30 in the Infobeisl at Graben 3. Participation is free of charge but should be as continuous as possible.
We invite all women, girls, trans and inter persons to register at fiftitu@

The music in the program comes from the Greek singer Mary, who died recently and far too early, in a duet with The Boy (he wrote the music for the film "Park")

Photo: © XE17 Hana Jušić