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52radiominuten- Superacht im Oval Office

52radiominuten- Superacht im Oval Office

The radio magazine from FIFTITU% - Networking Center for Women in Art and Culture in Upper Austria

Presidents, space for encounters, journalism, illustrious guests and of course: a popular dog. These are the necessities for a veritable Oval Office. Professor Karin Bruns and Angela Koch opened the "oval office" film series on media theory and gender issues at peng! Among the visitors were: two female presidents of FIFTITU%.

aufgequeerlt - cultural politics
We visit the recently started film series of the Linz Oval Office. In the section aufgequeerlt, Karin Bruns, Professor of Media Theory, and Gerlinde Schmierer talk about the traveling event series. The series, with screening and discussion, begins with "dandy dust" by Hans Scheirl. The artist will show the 90-minute film and talk about his artistic work, transgender people and, fittingly for the Oval Office, presidents in the Divensplitter.

divensplitter - larger than life
This time, a male voice can be heard in Divensplitter. According to the invitation, the Viennese artist Hans Scheirl has filmed a cyborg-queer-sci-fi experiment with the abjectes. Analog, digital, animated and produced with slides, DV and Super 8mm film.

In addition, the annual program of 52 radio minutes is announced.
The radio magazine of FIFTITU% - Networking Center for Women in Art and Culture in Upper Austria. Always annoying, always difficult and never let up!

A program by: Silke Müller

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Oval Office
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