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52radiominuten - Por-no, Por-yes, Sexwork

52radiominuten - Por-no, Por-yes, Sexwork

January 28, 2013 / 7 p.m. on Radio FRO 105.0 MHz,

This program is about sex work and pornography. Why? Because something becomes particularly clear in this field: In no other field - are bodies so visible and so regulated by the state as in this one.
Interviews with Gergana Mineva (maiz), Supa Puta Pradastern (Member of the European Parliament), Erika Lust (Lust-Films)

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aufgequeerlt / 1:
In the first article, we spoke to Gergana Mineva from maiz about the new Upper Austrian Sexual Services Act passed in September 2012. She describes the advantages and disadvantages for women and service providers working in this field.

upraised / 2:
We met Supa Puta Pradastern during one of her stopovers in Austria on her way to the EU Parliament. She is an EU parliamentarian and represents the rights of transgender people and migrants in the sex work industry.aufgequeerlt / 3:
In our third contribution to aufgeqeerlt, we spoke to Erika Lust. She is an erotic and porn filmmaker from Sweden and now lives in Barcelona. There she runs her company Lust Films, which produces independent films in the genre of feminist pornography. The company also publishes books and magazines and runs its own online store. She received the Feminist Porn Award 2012 for her most recent work "Cabaret Desire".

"Sex and subversion. Porn films beyond the mainstream" is an anthology that deals with the most diverse genres of porn film, including avant-garde trends. Sebastian Friedrich from the kritisch-lesen editorial team has read it for you.

Editors: Jerneja Zavec and Rosi Kröll
Microphone: Jerneja Zavec

Photo: Lucie de Souza Cardoso, 1890-1987


Sex and Subversion (book review)

Erika Lust

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