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52Radiominuten / Die Quote. Eine Provokation?

52Radiominuten / Die Quote. Eine Provokation?

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FIFTITU% re-launched the old-new website at the beginning of May. We spoke to FIFTITU% board members Amina Lehner and Gitti Vasicek and managing director Oona Valarie Serbest about the current collection of materials. They report on the quota for women* in cultural institutions at city and state level and on aspects of the content of the website "The quota - a provocation".



Since 2020, the feminist alliance "Claim The Space" has been commemorating FLINTA* people (women, lesbians, intersex, non-binary, trans and agender people) killed at (former) Karlsplatz in Vienna after every feminicide that has become known in Austria. The alliance is an association of various organizations and activists with the aim of raising public and media awareness of feminicides. Among other things, the alliance calls for feminicides/femicides to be brought into the focus of politics and for this social problem to be combated in a targeted manner.
At the beginning of May, the demonstration against feminicides took place in Vienna under the motto "If you take one*, we will all respond!". We are sending an excerpt of it.

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