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52 Radiominuten: Mutterschaft

52 Radiominuten: Mutterschaft

The film "A Life Like Any Other" is about the depression of filmmaker Faustine Cros' mother. She was in Linz at the Crossing Europe Film Festival.

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In her DOK Leipzig award-winning documentary "A Life Like Any Other", filmmaker Faustine Cros deals with her mother's depression. How did the daughter convey this sensitive topic in the documentary film?
The director discussed these and other questions relating to the film with journalist and author Beate Hausbichler and afterwards with the 52Radiominuten editorial team.
This year they were guests at "Der Salon" in the Festival Lounge of the Crossing Europe Film Festival in Linz on May 1, Labor Day. The Salon is a discussion format and a place for female culture.
Both talks are in English

Afterwards, Hausbichler reflects on understanding feminism from the 1970s to today and the problem of self-optimization in relation to motherhood in neoliberalism.
She then reads a few passages on motherhood from the book "Die Erschöpfung der Frauen: Wider die weibliche Verfügbarkeit" by gender researcher and sociologist Franziska Schutzbach. The book was published in 2021.

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Music (on the subject of motherhood): Videosex, Paris Paloma, Kate Bush and Sevdaliza
Film style: (c) Faustine Cros / A Life Like Any Other