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52 Radiominuten - Marianne.von.Willemer-Preis

52 Radiominuten - Marianne.von.Willemer-Preis

squeezed up

The winner of this year's Marianne.von.Willemer Prize for Digital Media is the artist starsky. Out of more than 50 submissions, she won over the jury with her art project "nobody interferes".

"niemand mischt sich ein" is a participatory socio-political and cultural project that promotes democracy, human rights, self-determination, the common good and fairness. The project was prepared and implemented at Künstlerhaus Wien between April 26 and May 19, 2018.In the current edition of 52 Radiominuten we hear an interview with the artist starsky. This also includes recordings of the award ceremony on November 15, 2018 in the Sky Loft of the Ars Electronica Centeras well as the press conference.


5-2 Minutes - Feminist News

FIFTITU% receives this year's Outstanding Artist Award - Federal Cultural Initiatives!

The Scottish Government recently announced that pupils will learn more about queer rights, history and identities in the future.


served and decorated

From 24 November to 10 December 2018, the exhibition Hidden Women* will take place at the Ebensee School Center and Ebensee Cinema as part of the 16 Days Against Violence Against Women* campaign. This event is a cooperation between FIFTITU% and the Women's Forum Salzkammergut.

As part of the international campaign "16 days against violence against women", the right to a life free of violence is demanded. These 16 days take place between November 25 (International Day against Violence against Women) and December 10 (International Human Rights Day). Violence against women* is the most common human rights violation worldwide - including in Austria. Free events and information evenings are offered in
Linz during this time.

On Wednesday, November 28, 2018, at 8 p.m. #Fokus_Prosa will take place at the Landestheater Linz. The authors at the reading are Julya Rabinowich with "Dazwischen: Me" and Marie Luise Lehner "At a glance"
Afterwards there will be an aftershow with DJ Dominika Meindl.

"Tricky Women goes Wels," a short film program with animated film art by women* will take place on Friday, 21 December 2018 from 8.15 pm at the Programmkino Wels. "Tricky Women goes Wels" is the cooperation project of FIFTITU%, the Tricky Women Animated Film Festival and the Programmkino Wels.

Photo: Tiana Wirth