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52 Radiominuten: Feministische Utopien & Revolution

52 Radiominuten: Feministische Utopien & Revolution

Today's radio show is about feminist utopias. We discussed this with professor and author Evelyn Bernadette Mayr and philosopher and author Olga Shparaga.


At the presentation of the research project on the topic of female utopias, I met two interesting people who played an important role in the selection of today's topic: Evelyn Bernadette Mayr (essayist, poet and professor) and Olga Shparaga (philosopher and author) told us about the necessity of utopias for revolutions.

Evelyn Bernadette Mayr is an essayist, poet and professor, she studied Hispanic and German studies and her focus was on gender-specific topics. She has received several awards for her research work "Women's Revolution in Nicaragua" in the form of an interview trip through the country with a grant for literature and human rights.
Change among female values

Olga Shparaga is a philosopher from Belarus who has been living in political exile since 2020. She is a member of the coordinating council of Belarusian opposition politician Svetlana Tsikhanouskaya. She was part of the protests against the regime and observed the events from a queer-feminist perspective. She wrote the book"The revolution has a female face. The case of Belarus".


Music: Mustelide, Mariel Mariel & Lido Pimienta, Messed Up and Gaby Boca
Featured photo: Photo collage Women and the Nicaraguan Revolution & (c)Austin Spenzer