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Participation in the symposium of the Cultural Office of the City of Munich

September 29, 2001

For FIFTITU% took part in the symposium
"Werk-Raum Gender" Gender Difference in Art and Culture
at the Literaturhaus München organized by the Cultural Office of the City of Munich on September 29, 2001, 2 p.m. to 10 p.m. Michaela Schoissengeier and Andrea Mayer-Edoloeyi took part

With artists, journalists and publishers, the symposium will reflect on and discuss the different perspectives, expectations and production conditions of artists of both sexes and seek answers to questions such as: "Are there differences between the sexes in artistic production, on the art market and in public presence? Why are the conditions for women in certain fields still particularly difficult today?"

The link to the detailed program:

In the section "Supporting female artists - a path to gender parity?", the FIFTITU% representatives presented their Austrian networking initiative. The subsequent discussion focused on the question of how effective instruments can be developed to support women. It was emphasized that the promotion of women's self-employment is only an adequate means to a limited extent, as many areas of art and culture do not function commercially. More money for art and culture - combined with gender-specific measures - is the most effective way to promote women.

Results for FIFTITU%:

Deepening of international contacts (Munich, Hanover, Ruhr area), e.g. in the project preparation of the women-specific contribution to the Linz Festival, but also other artistic projects will result in interesting contacts.

Expanded insight into the German debate, which is quite similar to the Austrian situation, and exchange of experiences with active feminists and networkers in the field of art and culture

Soundfile: Interview with Susanne Eser, gedok Hannover