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Präsentationen 2000 - 2003

Präsentationen 2000 - 2003

Requests and invitations to FIFTITU% to present the content and work of the Networking Agency for Women in Art and Culture.


  • Presentation at sektor3/kultur
    FIFTITU% presented the activities of the association at the IG Kultur Österreich conference in Vienna in March 2000.

    Here we document the presentation documents that were created on the occasion of the short presentation by Andrea Mayer-Edoloeyi and Rubia Salgado.

    Presentation documents

  • Presentation of FIFTITU% at the event "frauen spinnen netze" at the Presseclub OÖ at the invitation of the Frauennetzwerk Medien in May 2003

    Presentation documents

  • International Women's Day 2000 in the city center of Linz

    FIFTITU% presented itself and its activities together with many other women's initiatives in the city center of Linz on March 8, 2000. In addition, a program was broadcast on Radio FRO on this day.

  • Links:
    Women's Media Network
    Radio FRO